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Bioenergy is a key to future of pulp and paper industry

Usage of renewable energy sources in heat-power engineering it is worldwide trend and a part of politics on energy efficiency declared by the Government of Russian Federation. On the other hand it is also the opportunity of diversification pulp and paper industry within cost saving for waste recycling. World consumption of wood pellets including the most popular kind of biofuel, wood pellets increases every year and Russia is one of main suppliers of pellets to Europe.

AO “Volga” plans to open the other department of thermomechanical stock

One of the leaders of pulp and paper industry, the biggest national producer of newsprint paper, joint-stock company “Volga” began preparation to building of new department of thermomechanical stock. Equipment for production of semi-finished product JSC “Volga” will buy at Austrian manufacturer Andritz.

Bank “Vozrogdenie” took legal steps on the management of OAO “Kongopoga” declared bankrupt

Arbitration court of Karelia took cognizance complain of one pf creditors OAO “Kondopoga” – bank “Vozrogdenie” who was unsatisfied of the activity bankruptcy supervisor of the mill.
Under the opinion of creditor bankruptcy supervisor does not take the measures for recovery of accounts receivable which they have towards to OAO “Kondopoga” at different companies. At the result, under the bank estimation there was increasing of accounts receivable.

Japan is interested in investment of timber mill on Sakhalin

Japan Company “Iida group Holdings” can become co-investor of the project for creation of wood processing complex on Sakhalin. It was known about on the meeting of deputy chairman region government Nesterov Dmitriy with representatives of Japan holding.
We remind you that by order of region head Kozhemyako Oleg minister of forest and hunting sector Kondratiev Oleg visited Land of the Rising Sun in order to suggest Japan to take part in the project if building the mill for producing of glued laminated timber, lumbers, cellulose. Japan partners are interested in and came on a return visit in order to see the area for project realization and to discuss details.

Kievskiy KBK finished planned work for repair and rebuild of the equipment

August 5 work for repair and rebuild of the equipment on PAO “Kievskiy board-paper mill” finished. All technological lines of the mill work without failures.
During planned work it was done maintenance and full repair of operating equipment. Besides, technological line for boar production was rebuild. Particularly after repair equipment of board machine (crane KoneCranes was installed, reel Metso was installed and others) was updated and improved.

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We congratulate the staff of JSC “Proletariy” with new record

We congratulate the staff of JSC “Proletariy” with new record
In March BM-5 of JSC “Proletariy” produced technical board on 16,7% more than planned. It not only the increasing the plan, it is a new record of production of technical board for BM-5! It was also a new record for the speed of BM-5: it is on 14,3 % higher  than maximum speed  pointed in the contract by the manufacturer of the board machine!
Of course, increasing the production...
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