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Bioenergy is a key to future of pulp and paper industry

Usage of renewable energy sources in heat-power engineering it is worldwide trend and a part of politics on energy efficiency declared by the Government of Russian Federation. On the other hand it is also the opportunity of diversification pulp and paper industry within cost saving for waste recycling. World consumption of wood pellets including the most popular kind of biofuel, wood pellets increases every year and Russia is one of main suppliers of pellets to Europe.

It is difficult to overestimate potential of the sector in spite of the absence of well-developed system of sector support: on estimation of  "Poyry Management Consulting Oy", with rich of nature resources and volume of wood wastes from pulp and paper production to 2025 Russia will be able main exporter biofuel to all regions of Europe and to reach 11 mln.ton per year.
Under the special exposition of the sector BioEnergy foreign and Russian companies will present equipment for processing on PAP-FOR: equipment for preparation of biostock, paper shredding machines and crushing machine, cubing-and-pelleting press, dryers, mixers, evaporate and deresinate equipment, boiler equipment and equipment for firing, vessels for keeping and drying, sorting and dosing equipment, devices for vacuum fermenting, equipment for pyrolysis, equipment for getting of gaze from the wood and also associated equipment and services.
Representatives of pulp and paper mill will be able to compare proposals, to agree about deliveries of equipment and to get new ideas for increasing of efficiency and profit for business.
It will possible on the exhibition not only to get acquainted with modern technological inventions but also to know about perspectives of the market in Russian realia. Production of biogas will become one of the key themes of Business forum PAP-FOR: with the support of National Biogas Association it will be organized on the event session “Biogas from the wood. Perspectives of competition with hydrocarbon”. The participants of the event, representatives of pulp and paper industries of Russia and from abroad will get the unique complex from actual information about the market, measures of state support, volume of production and sales, successful projects on pulp and paper mills and new technologies which allow to increase efficiency of production.
Requests for participation on the phone: +7 495 937 6861
Organiser: "Reed Exhibitions"

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