The enterprise of concern “Bellesbumprom” in 2014 increased the productionimport substituting products on 12%. In 2014 plants of concern “Bellesbumprom” increased the production of import substituting products on 12% to USD 346,73mln.
Production of import substituting did by rebuild factories of concern in 2014 on 29 trade positions. Conventional economy of currency resources by means of delivery import substituting products to the internal market by the factories excluding import raw material was USD 112,6mln. Besides the part of this products was sold to export, it was got 187,2mln. 

 In 2015 in accordance with programme for the development of import substituting production of design capacity will have the following factories: plywood production OAO “Borisovdrev” (capacity 27 000 m3 per year), production of thin chipboard OAO “FanDok” (30 000 m3 per year), production of wood fiber board OAO “Vitebskdrev” (140 000 m3 per year).
Dobrushskaya paper factory “Hero of the labour” of corporate “Belarus wall paper” will start up, where production of coated and uncoated types of board the production will started the  volume of 200 000 ton per year.
The building of the factory for production of sulfate bleached pulp on OAO “Svetlogorskiy TSKK” with production 400 000 t/y.
Production of base paper of decorative of finishing materials with production 30 000 t/y will be done on RUP “Newsprint factory”.
On rebuild plant OAO “Mostovdrev” is planned to produce 4,4mln. m2 laminate flooring. The same production will be on OAO “Gomeldrev”.
It is planned in 2015 the production of import substitution products on 31 items on “Bellesprom”. The capacity of production will increase in comparison with 2014 on 37 % to USD 475 mln.
Economical efficiency of planned events of the concern on import substituting is estimated the economy of foreign exchanges by means of products supply to the internal market in the amount of USD 140 mln. and positive influence on balance of foreign trade by means of products  suppliers to the export on the amount of USD 266 mln.

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