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Balahninskiy pulp and paper mill filed a claim about bankruptcy

Balahninskiy paper mill "Volga",Nizhniy Novgorod region) filed a claim about its bankruptcy, it was mentioned in court case file on web-site  of arbitration court. According to the open material statements of claim was sent to the court on Thursday. The date of sitting on this case did not appoint. Before it was informed that Volzhskiy – Okskoe administration of Russian Technical Supervisory Authority hold it to administratively liable  Balahninskiy pulp and paper mill for doing of civil work in protective zone of air line 110 kV "Blochnaya-3" without agreement with the owner – "Nizhnovenergo" ( branch of PAO "MRSK Center and Privolzhie" ). Paper mill was got a penalty in according with the article 9.8 code of Russian Federation about administrative offences.

Balahninskiy pulp and paper mill began building of their own powerline passing the lines of MRSK because of court proceedings with energetics. The quarrel began because of air line 110 kV "NiGRES-Nakat-1", connected to the lines MRSK via electrical equipment of Ngegorodskaya GRES named Vintera which was bought in May 2014 by the mill at OAO "TGK-6" "KES Holdinga" ( now group "TPlus").
Whereas "Nizhnovenergo" called illegal the building of LEP Balahninskiy paper mill passing their own lines.  Paper mill declared that LEP is doing according with current law of Russian Federation and based on agreements with local authority and state authority.
In the middle of November appeal claim of arbitration court decreed to levy from OAO "Volga" more 650 mln. favor MRSK.  The management of "Volga" declared about  false creation of the situation with air line from side of PAO "MRSK Center and Privilzhie" and connected it with the wish of power engineers to compensate shortfall in income ( about 1,5 mld.rub) because of changing paper mill on their own generation. Besides according to the words of represemtatives of "Volga" approaches to rent disputable area at MRSK were unsuccessful.
Whereas it was declared to agency RBK Nizhniy Novgorog in "Nizhnowenergo" that it was numerous signed with paper mill agreements on debts restructuring.
The staff of OAO "Volga" wrote the open letter to Mr. Vladimir Putin with requirement to interfere with the situation on electric rates in the region. In was informed in the text of the message  that in 2015 increasing of electric rates  in Nizhny Novgorod region lead to that prime cost of product OAO "Volga" where the costs on energy is 40 % became higher of market price on newsprint.   
Under the declaration of paper mill the claims of company MRSK Center and Privolzhie "create opportunities of bankruptcy one of the leading manufacture of newsprint in the country".

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