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Balahninskiy paper mill was introduced in "Honor Book" under the results of work 2015 based on administration of Balahna district proposal

this register includes the most estimable mills and enterprises of different property categories and sphere of activities which promotes with their work social economic development of the region where they are situated.
Because of this General Director OAO "Volga" Dmitriy Donchenko was included in All-Russian registry more effective heads and staff of the mills, enterprises during 2015. This list includes most effective heads and employees of the best mills, enterprises of Russia, and to take part in it means introducing of high level of competency and professional skills of effective and responsible managers which are able to work successful in difficult financial and social economic conditions and to reach of desired goals.  
These achievements became possible thanks to efforts of OAO "Volga" directed to the increasing of competitive ability and realization of investment programs which are necessary for rebuild of equipment of the mill. 

So in 2015 energy complex NiGRES was included in joint company, it allowed to change the plant on the consumption of its own energy and to decrease the costs on energy component in product cost. For realization of this project OAO "Volga" was awarded in regional competition "Investment project of the year" in the sphere of industrial production.
This year in Balahna of Nizhny Novgorod was created a management company municipal housing economy OOO "Volga –YK "GHKH". Today multi-industry company gives quality services on running cold and hot water, water removal to the mills and enterprises and also 90 % of town population.
In June 2015 with the Order of  Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade  OAO "Volga" was included in the list of enterprises which influenced on the spheres of industry and trade, it is the confirmation of reliable status and strategically important manufacturer of newsprint in the country.
In current difficult conditions of world crisis in pulp and paper industry the main task of top management OAO "Volga" is keeping competitive ability on the market. New technology of newsprint production from 100% thermomechanical stock applied paper producers in 2015 which gave quality leap which was estimated by the buyers of final product of the mill as in Russian and abroad helped to solve this problem


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