Home News Branch news After successful debut last year Mondi will take part in Rosupack 2015

After successful debut last year Mondi will take part in Rosupack 2015

  Constant aspiration to success in Russia and East Europe showed in wide product range which the company will present on RosUpack.
Mondi international group for production of packaging material and paper debuted successful on exhibition   RosUpack 2014 will bring to Moscow wide product range again. The company will present new and already recommended product including container board, special craft paper, industrial bags, extrusion coating, material with special coating, packaging for consumer goods and uncoated white paper.
Products of Mondi make life of million people all over the world more comfortable every day. Many people know paper “Snegurochka”. It is a leading brand name of office paper which is produced on the plant Mondi in Syktyvkar during 15 years. But Mondi is produced not only paper. On RosUpack 2015 company will present wide product range for industry and consumer using. 

- We acted successfully on the exhibition RosUpack last year. During 3 days we had meetings more than 400 our customers marketing and communication director, Mondi Europe & International Albert Klinkhmaker told us.  Russia and East Europe are very important markets for us and we have big plants in these regions.  We returned to RosUpack 2015 with pleasure. Our team is looking forward to the opening of exhibition in June in order to present wide product range of our product in Moscow.
  On interactive mount 160 m2 of Mondi will present the following new products:
-Ready heatproof bags for packaging consumption goods for pasteurization and sterilization.  They content elements for convenience of consumers and differ with print of high-definition. 
-Winner of branch award BarrierFilm is not contained aluminum protective material for provision packaging. It is provided excellent protection   of the content for long date of expiry and also it has energetic and ecological advantages.
-AirXLiner is supporting structure for self-adhesive materials passed the air during application of liner tape. It allows avoiding bubbles and crumples.
-SplashBag – water-proof industrial bag. Firstly, it was manufactured for concrete branch, it can be used for different branch. It protects the content from wet climate keeping waterproofing during some hours. Thanks to top layer from bag craft-paper Advantage Protect of Mondi it keeps strength even after two hours under rain.   
-ProVantage Komiwhite white top-liner of АО «Mondi SLPK» Republic of Komi. Planed investment in the plant will allow getting higher quality of this paper brand for bright packaging.   
-Advantage Formable White is special craft-paper for manufacture of protective sleeves for the glasses with hot drinks.  
- IQ –multi-function copy paper providing excellent results on all printing and copy machines. 

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