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About the development os sport in Surazh district

футбольная секция суражской ДЮСШDirector of Surazh children sport school Ruslan Vasilievich Tishchenko told correspondents what changes happened in sport school this year, he shared success of his pupils and also he touched the topic small financing of sport activity in the district.
-  This year we have better conditions. We have at our disposal sport gym of pedagogical college named A.S. Pushkin where we can have our training of football section. We also have additional room for judo which was given to us by the director of pedagogical college Inna Alexeevna Shpakova. Before we had to train in the gym of police, but were often our trainings were postponed. But in this room pupils can train from morning till evening. So the moving in sport gym of pedagogical college it is a big plus for sport school.

-  Ruslan Vasilievich how many pupils do visit Surazh sport school?
- 315 pupils. 75 pupils from them visit football section.
- How many teachers do work at school?
- We have three football trainers, every trainer has two groups, every trainer has lessons 4 times a week.
We have four trainers for athletics, three – for judo, two - for boxing. Total - 12 people.
Mainly the trainers combine jobs. Because the salary here is too low.  
Among them the teachers from pedagogical college besides their work at college they work also and in sport school.
All lessons here are free of charge, they are available for all children of Surazh and district who wants to do sport.
 - Ruslan Vasilievich, what is equipment and material procurement of sport school?
- Last time we bought the balls and sport equipment for judo in 2012 for the money which was given with sport school. It is very difficult with financing for the last time.
That is why it would be better to improve the situation.
I would like to say thank you to Oleg Alexandrovich Kiselev, he is the trainer of football club “Proletariy”, he presented us 10 balls for younger group. There are 15 children in the group and for the training every pupil needs a ball. And if we have only one ball for the group, so the pupils will have to do one exercise by turn, and it is loss of time.  
Except balls sport school needs sport equipment – stairs, cones. Football section is necessary to have equipment: guards, boots for training on the stadium. Children play in sneakers, it is dangerous because of injuries. Children from Bryansk schools which come to us to the competition have better equipment – they play in football shoes, but our children slide in sneakers on the wet grass.
The price of the equipment is not cheap that is why we will hope for the best expecting the financing.
Sport school needs a carpet for judo, we agree even on secondhand carpet. We need kimono for judo, we have only e few set.
We did not buy gloves for box for a long time. It would be boog to buy it. We are waiting together with people from Surazh finishing of the building sport complex.
Every year Bryansk sport committee requires from us what Surazh sport school needs. We do it, but we do not have any help. One year ago we got the uniform for football players but it was big zise. We had to give it to our district volleyball team.
Financing about 50 000 per year could solve o lot of your problems.  
- Ruslan Vasilievich, what success do your pupils reach?  
- Football team in the third division won the players in the zone Zapad, then also in the zone Center. It won and got cup of Navrotskiy. It is the highest achievement. Also they take part in different competition, for example in the tour in Moscow they took the second place.  
Last year boxing players took the third place in the region championship. Trainer on judo Borisenko Alexander Petrovich pleases his pupils: pupils regularly shows good results and have prize places on the championship.  Previous pupil of sport school Litvyakova Irina now is one of our teachers.
Improving of the equipment would have positive influence on the success of people and also for development of sport in district in general.  In this case we will be able to increase the number of pupils at sport school.
Sport is very useful for our health. Visiting of sport activity is more useful than computer games and parents who pick up children in Surazh sport school make the choice in favor of their healthy lifestyle.

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