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June 7 PAP-FOR hold a conference “Recycling paper and board”

Конференция посвящённая переработке отходов  технического картонаConference devoted to recycling of technical board waste June 7 this year in the capital of Russia in “Krokus Expo” will be tenth conference “Recycling paper and board”. This is the first specialized event PAP-FOR devoted to the recycling of pulp and paper product. The main purpose of this event – exchange and structure of the experience in the sphere of recycling the wastes.

 В Крокус-Экспо обсудят вопросы рециклинга технического картонаMain topics which will be discussed on the conference:
- perspectives of the development business in the sphere of  recycling pulp and paper product;
- actual and perspective recycling  technologies for pulp and paper industry;
- Effective and economic utilization of pulp and paper waste;
- Increasing of ecological responsibility of national producers of pulp and paper product.

 Official program of the event:
1. Discussion "Potential and prospects for the development of the recovered paper and board market in Russia and CIS countries. Ecological responsibility of producers. Corporate Ecological responsibility”.
Main topics for discussion:
Reform of the paper and board waste processing industry: resource-saving and secondary use in the production of technical board, packaging from corrugated board, etc .;
- Secondary use of paper and certification of type FSC Recycled.
Moderator of discussion: M.N. Novikov, CRO Association “League of waste paper processers”, committee “Support of Russia” for cleaning activity and in Krokus Expo will be discussed the questions of recycling of technical board with waste.  
Invited participants:
Y.O. Lakhtikov, RAO “Bumprom”;
A.V.Ptichnikov, FSC Russia;
A.E. Zakodyrkin , party “Alians Zelenyh” .
2. Round table "Successful technological projects for production materials from secondary paper-board raw materials".
Main topics for discussion:
- Usage of industry technology 4.0 in production product from waste paper;
- Recycling of low quality waste paper to cargo euro pallets;  
- Manufacture of molded tare based on paper waste paper and cellulose board.  
Moderator: A.M. Gurianov, SRO Association “League of waste paper processers” GP «PPPM»
Invited participants:
E.A. Glezman, GP «PPPM»;
Y. Pavlov, SCA;
D.G. Kondratiev, AO “Solnechogorskiy experimental mechanical plant”;
V.K. Bugaev, facory for designing and manufacturing the equipment for recycling of waste paper IB Bugaev V.K.;
I.A. Raspopov, «PPM-Servis».
More detail information about the programme you can find on web-site of organizer: Conference “Recycling of board and paper”.
Participation in the conference is free of charge; the event will be visited by all people, it is necessary to register on web-site in advance.
The event will be in international exhibition centre “krokus Expo”, pavilion 2, hall 8.

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