January 27 Global Memorial Day of ravines of the Holocaust

This day 72 year ago Oswiecim the biggest death camp was released by soviet army.
Sacrifices of natizm of World War II became six million the Jewish people. About 17 thousand people  in Bryansk region were shot. Fascists organized mass execution in Bryansk and districts: Klintsovskiy, Pochepskiy, Novozybkovskiy, Starodubskiy, Zhukovskuy and Syrazhskiy.

From August 17, 1941 to September 25, 1943 Surazhskiy district was under Zazi occupation. For this time about 600 Jewish people died including women and children. The place of the their mass shooting  about the road on Novaya Kislovka in 2015 was immortalized with memorial sign. Video done on the day of opening the monument is below.

Погода в Сураже