2011 year


Region football championship began. Programm if the first tour will last almost during a week. Today local “Sokol” in Seltso will meet with “Arsenal –BGITA” from Bryansk. Champion of six last years will meet in Lyuboxhna with”Metalurg”. Competitors of “Proletariy” this year will be some teams, firstly it is team “Vtormet”. The end of region championship will be in October.


Surazh will get from federal budget more 40 mln.rub.for building of the bridge. Such financial support became possible when our center had hot status of company town. Bridge across the river Iput connects center of the town with part of the town where more 500 people lives and regional forestry, colony settlement are located.
Now people in order to come to center of the town should do the circle about 5 kilometers, buses went there very seldom. But with the appearance of the bridge the distance to the center will be 500 meters. It would allow heavy machines which go to ZAO “Proletariy” also would use this bridge and not use the main bridge. During one day about 60 trucks go on main bridge and bridge can not hold such weight. Now project of new bridge is on stage of development. By the way, the bridge was there many years ago. It was recognized in critical condition and in 1980 it was dismantled.

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